These are the cheapest quality hand made cues on the market, included with the cue is a mini butt, extension and aluminium case, price: 280 euro’s
Connoisseur cue 322 euro’s
3/4 Rocket cue 250 euro’s
1pc Rocket cue 267 euro’s
Connoisseur and Rocket Tele extension 48 euro’s
Connoisseur and Rocket mini butt 21 euro’s


1pc leather case 315 euro’s
Celtic case with carved leather 176 euro’s
Crocodile case with carved leather 190 euro’s
Three quarter leatherette case 120 euro’s
Eagle case with carved leather 190 euro’s
Three quarter deluxe flame case 90 euro’s
Three quarter deluxe coloured aluminium case 100 euro’s
Three quarter tournament wide case 105 euro’s
Three quarter deluxe silver aluminium case 90 euro’s

Snooker tables

Noble Snooker are extremely proud to offer the most comprehensive range of snooker tables, cues and cue sport accessories of any company within the field. Not only are Noble Snooker synonymous with strength, quality and competitive pricing, we are now well and truly acknowledged throughout the international market as the most innovative company for trend setting design.

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