Video Analysis

Video analysis is widely used in all sports, I have personally used this technique for quite a number of years, you can tell a player what they are doing wrong, and eventually they will realize and correct, but if you show them in detail on film, then the correction is realized much quicker, I use a high definition camera, I also have very sophisticated software on my computer to show in detail slow motion replay of the action.

As a professional snooker coach, it is my job to tell people the bad news about their cue action, usually the head lifting, when I teach a top class player, they usually cannot understand that they are moving on the shot, until you film them doing it, when they see this, the improvement is usually instantaneous, film is a very powerful tool. Currently, snooker training includes 3 large subsystems: the system of sports selection, the system of competitions and sports training system, in turn, the system of sports training are physical, technical, tactical and psychological preparation. Understanding the techniques of exercise and the ability to perform biomechanical analysis of this technique allows to assess the correctness of motor actions and the quality of decisions motor task.

An analysis of the current technology is not possible subjective method of «trial and error.» In addition, the need to address individual physical capabilities and abilities of trainees forced to search for the best variant of sports equipment for each athlete individually. Using video analysis, Lego to do error correction and improving technology is generally observed, instantly. Video analysis is a very powerful tool for the training process.