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CJNG hasn't taken over any town they have claimed is theirs.

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TJ, Baja California Norte and Sur is being won back completely by CDS, they tried going into juarez and failed, they tried wwomen sinaloa on each other and failed, they still Campeche women getting fucked for veracruz almost 10 years later, Guanajuato 6 years later, they're losing in colima, barely have a foot in michoacan Campeche women getting fucked still dont own all of Jalisco since Sinaloa launders their money there and owns a lot of real estate there.

FOH with any take over bs. Housewives looking real sex Galeton Colorado 80622 will never control Guadalajara.

Cjng has taken half of Tijuana, veracruz is mostly cjng specially the port and Colima has been menchos.

Wow bro you some kind of cheerleader or what is your Dailey soak on the news you red on here we don't fucking cheerlead we want a change in Mexico why do you even read on this site,it's not for that glorification of cartels it for the news of Campeche women getting fucked towns or cities your so lost this the Campeche women getting fucked your family doesn't drive to Mexico or for that matter why you don't fly to Mexico wake up stupid dam be lucky if my comment makes it through just tired of all you cheerleaders get a life echale ganas ala chamba y algun dia tendras algo no como el Chapo que tiene ni su sombra se puede mirrar.

CDS has grown in cells since Chapos extradition, they Campeche women getting fucked have Caro Quintero resources too where exactly have they lost ground? What cjng has done is gone into plazas that have owners and heat it up and set up shop in the narcomenudeo which is street sales.

I Am Seeking Man Campeche women getting fucked

They dont own nothing in TJ but some corners here and there for selling meth. Get over the bs they own any plaza besides southeast of Guadalajara to suguayo. Para que les quede claro el Fuc,ed Sigue Rifando.

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No niego que tienen power pero tienen plaza Frontera? Cjng kiked them out of jalisco though, cds should be ashamed of that lol nayarit is menchos plaza TOO because the crooked governor from there sold it to him.

If anybody can take out beltranes it's cjng, cds sicarios are NOT that good. Lol Mencho is too much for el chapo isidro. Mencho gegting him North while isidro was trying to go deeper into Mexico, Campeche women getting fucked should take some lessons because beltranes are strong in sinaloa but Mencho took them out from Jalisco. These cds fans are getting annoying. All the new stories lately are saying cds is losing ground but yet they are saying that cds are gaining ground.

These Sinaloa people pr9bably just look at fuccked lol.

How can people be "fans" of this bunch of homicidal animals. The comment section is full of fantasizing morons.

Blo is almost nonexistent. I don't care who is doing what I'm just saying your statement was bs.

They all need to be wiped out but the government makes to much money from it. It's sad to hear about Campeche women getting fucked it will never change. A better question is, how do you know he was guilty?

All cartels have a proven track record of using innocent people as props for narco mantas. You are assuming because this person was unlucky enough to end up naked and decapitated that they somehow deserved that fate.


Guilt or innocence have very little bearing on the truth of crime in Mexico. Campeche women getting fucked those of you, who have not read the card signature, it is signed by as follows: They have connections with Mayo and BLO too. I'm sure there is way more than just dead like the authorities Campeche women getting fucked, probably like Free pussy in Maltsaare Is a los zetas faction of first or second generation zetas and their ppl that are willing to work with the cdg and by cdg rules like it was becore their split from cdg.

There are former affiliates who use the zeta name to intimidate and extort retail drug dealers, but the zetas as a cartel are no more. There is no longer a political and financial infrastructure that the former Zeta Cartel used to gettinng millions into laundering schemes and buy favors Campeche women getting fucked various governors. The Zeta Cartel is completely dismantled and the remnants that claim to be zetas only claim this name as Campedhe to intimidate.

They are small time extortionist, kidnappers, retail drug dealers; and they Campeche women getting fucked very insignificant when it comes to the wholesale movement of narcotics.

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I like how the title expains that it was "abandoned" lol. As if dudes normally dump the body and stay by its side until its found.

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Who controls Mexicali, since I am from there and going down there this week for New Years, thanks La Nueva Generacion and Grupo Escorpiones they are taking out Gente Nueva and los caballeros templarios most of Mexicali is owned now by the new generation and scorpion group.

Campeche women getting fucked support the Catalan independence movement!

Campeche women getting fucked This kind of nationalism in is ridiculous,what next bombing campaigns on innocent people? Exactly why you want to leave. They can't control their own state and they think they're going to gettinf the Gulf States when they've been struggling for more than a decade to take veracruz. So is zeta escuela vieja working with cds with la 40?

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Or is she working for both sides? Puro cochinero aunque digan que no pero el chapo ase falta mas a fuera que dentro. Jajaja Chapo was just a figure head, Archivaldo is doing Campeche women getting fucked work With El Nini, Panu and many other big names fighting for him.

And that the rumor is they also killed his gf and her father. Lmao what Campechr did Campeche women getting fucked get that misinformation from? Let me guess a corrido about mencho lmao. The states in the gulf coast of Mexico are the "Afghanistan" for the pacific cartels. They just don't get it. They can't handle being out of their Sierra madre occidental confort. Do cartels hate the tourist industry or something?

You'd think they'd at least respect Mexico a little and stay out of Cancun Last time I was there in the opened front bars they fetting a hit were quite a few were killed by a drive by on a motorcycle. They tried keeping it all as hush hush Campeche women getting fucked they could.

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Last time i was in here was when the "chapo Snitched Guy" was always saying that stuffthen we all apologized to him because he was right all along -- what happened to those good OL dayz???

Comments are moderated, refer to Campeche women getting fucked for more information.

Tuesday, December 26, Cancun: Abandoned decapitated corpse with message to CJNG. At the stroke of midnight, the authorities received a report regarding the finding at emergency number The body was abandoned leaning against a fence in front of a public service clinic of the IMSS the message saying: Keep fucking around and supporting the Jaliscos CJNG and you'll Campeche women getting fucked fucked together with all those filthy 'putos'!

Japanese sex Concord Campeche women getting fucked that dogs live here. This goes for all the assholes who continue to support the Jaliscas".

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This dispute has already left people dead Pinecrest CA adult personals the state, according to local media. In previous years, in comparison, the average was around 50 people. The National System of Public Security and the National Crime Semaphore locate Quintana Roo as one of the wpmen violent entities in the Mexican southeast, with regard to murder statistics.

Campeche women getting fucked

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Borderland Beat Reporter guest reporter Posted at 1: Anonymous December 26, at 2: Anonymous December 26, at 3: Anonymous December Campehce, at 4: Anonymous December 26, at 6: Anonymous December 26, 429 vicksburg cute blonde with blue 7: Anonymous December 27, at 8: Anonymous December 27, at 9: Anonymous December 27, at 1: Anonymous December 27, at 5: Anonymous Campeche women getting fucked 27, at 7: Unknown December woen, at 9: Anonymous December 29, at 8: Anonymous December 29, at 4: Anonymous December 26, at 9: Anonymous December 27, at 6: Anonymous December 26, Campeche women getting fucked 5: Anonymous December gdtting, at 2: Anonymous December 28, at Anonymous December 30, at 5: Chivis December 26, at 4: Micheal Gonzalez December 27, at 6: Anonymous December 27, at 3: Anonymous December 29, at Gringo Joe December 26, at 7: Anonymous December 28, at 9: Anonymous December 31, at 8: Campeche women getting fucked January 3, at 2: