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I Looking Real Dating Do you need a roommate

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Do you need a roommate

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A new graduate is wondering about the financial benefits of having a roommate — are they worth the drawbacks? I have my own ideas about the subject, which pretty much amount to: Do you need a roommate personal philosophy is this: This goes for everything from switching jobs to Are there any cool people in Bondoola housing Do you need a roommate anything that provides day-in day-out stress is a bad thing for your life in the long run because it has constant adverse effects on your mental and physical health.

Those adverse effects keep you from performing at your optimum level and eventually can lead to illnesses — these are real financial effects in addition to the overall effect on well being.

Thus, my first point of advice to the reader is to move out of the current situation, whether now or at the end of the lease. Look for some other housing for your own well being.

So now the question comes down to is the additional financial cost of living alone worth it? Some people are merely looking for a pillow upon which to lay their heads.

For most people, the answer here is no. Similarly, if you go to bed at ten every night and this person jams to Norwegian death metal while playing World of Warcraft at two in the need, you may have problems.

Does the person have a drug problem or some unsavory relationships? Does this person have any odious personal habits that really bother you? Also, one major tip: Just be calm and cool and civil about it.

If you follow that one little rule, your housing arrangement will go much better. To me, choosing whether to have a roommate or not is a personal issue first, not a financial issue.

What do I really want for housing? Would I feel safe, secure, and happy living with a stranger? Would I feel safe, secure, and happy living with a specific person that I know?

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