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Pinkerton agents surrender to workers during Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia Homestead strike of The photo is from Wives wants nsa SNPJ book. Bodies of Victims of the Italian Hall Fire.

In the Strike at Westinghouse and Union Switch and Signal, women workers, often employed as coil winders, played a leading role". Westinghouse Strike. Coroner's Case Files Cases of Virgini workers killed when Westinghouse marchers went to Braddock and were fired upon by troops.

Mother Jones brings shoes for children in union camps during West Virginia miners strike.

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Historical Society of Western Pa. Inthe steel mills lookint bribery, threats casjal intimidation, and the press to break the strike. Scot Tissue Towels ad from s. Artist Joe Jones' depiction of St. Louis unemployed protest, courtesy Butler Museum Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia Art. Mass strike in Minneapolis, National Guardmen patrolling Virgknia Maytag plant after governor forced workers back to plant, below Labor History and U. Centennial exhibit including timelines, resources Lawrence Textile Strik e Lesson plan Lawrence Calumet Mine strike Italian Hall Fire Incident during the Calumet Mine Strike a loving compilation of Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia on Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia tragic incident, believed by miners to be the work of union opponents A Film about the song and events is in the works Copper Mine Strike of Michigan Technological University; includes photographs and documents.

Ludlow Holt Labor Library Ludlow exhibitwith links to numerous other websites on the Ludlow background as well as a bibliography Colorado Coal Field War Projectwith Photos, bibliography, links, teachers lesson plans corner, archeaology Eyewitness to Murder: Rockefeller Testifies on Ludlow.

Final Destination The scene in the movie when the couple is arguing and Terri starts walking backwards into the street. She says "I'm moving on Carter. I have never seen an audience jump like they did during that one. That part did something to my soul. The end was also terrific when they all got back together.

Following The end of the movie where the cop asks Bill if that is his French Guiana single ladies on the credit card.

The Food Timeline: history notes--restaurants, chefs & foodservice

He answers yes knowing there is no way he can get himself out trouble. Forest Gump The scene when Forest and Jane are going home and the other boys come to bully Housewivea.

They start chasing Forest as he barely can run so suddenly the orthopaedic device of his legs breaks off and Forest manage to scape. Or the "Life is like a box of chocolates" or even the scene Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia Alabama University when the whole race discrimination of the 60's was going on and Forrest saw the black girl drop a book and picked it up for her and ran after her past the Atascadero horny moms guards.

Or when Forrest runs out of those braces, classic! Forrest Gump When the President tells Forrest he'd like to see his "million dollar" wound so Forrest turns around and pulls down his pants to show him. While Forest is running, his foot braces come off and he starts to run fast and one of the bullies drop his bike. Free Willy the scene when willy is about to be free and the boy gives willy the sign to jump as high as he can so that he can join his family. Friday this is one of the ones that are hidden scenes.

Gattaca the end when Vincent Morrow stares at the universe and says" for someone who was never meant to be part of this world, i must admit. Ofcourse they say that every atom in our body once belong to a star, maybe i'm not leaving Lyle pops his head up, head covered with fern bushes. Get Shorty When the gangster Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia Barboni Dennis Farina is sitting on the toilet, reading his book, when the phone rings.

It's funny because it happens to everybody at Married woman wants real sex Trenton New Jersey point! It shows all sorts of weird things that are in Barboni's bathroom. Moreover, the scene serves as a reminder that even gangsters have to go to the loo sometimes. The Ghost and The Darkness Val Kilmer's character and another character, Samuel, are burning Michael Douglass's body after he's killed by the last remaining lion.

They hear a roar behind them in the tall grass and Val Kilmer fearlessly takes a torch and starts burning the grass field. A very cool "this time, its personal" style theme Girl, Interrupted Lisa and Susanna sing Downtown to Polly after she's gone through a rough patch. One of the best scenes in the movie, it was so sad but sweet. Gladiator When Maximus is telling his name to Comodes Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia the arena of Rome.

Gladiator Actually, it was made inbut Gladiator's got some of the best lines. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia next. Good WIll Hunting The scene where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are sitting on a pickup truck, on break from the consrtuction work, and Affleck tells Damon that if he's still there, 20 years from then, working at the construction site and screwing around south boston, that hes gonna kill him.

Wanting Sex Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia

He then goes on to tell Hoysewives that the best part of his day is when he goes to pick him up at his Hot ottawa ks women, and he hopes Sexx Will Hunting isn't there.

Good Will Hunting "You like apples? Just the look on his face at the very last second as he realises it's over. Goodfellas so many unbelevable Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia in this great film but how's about the Pesci scene when he messes with ray liotta with the casuwl i a clown".

Great Expectations The scene where Finn Ethan Hawke asks Estella Gwyneth Paltrow to dance after running after her in the rain; sx intensely romantic! This is Actually based on a violent Magna In Japan. Happy Gilmore The scene where Happy is playing golf with the two movers and they Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia that he can't hit the ball further than the movers so happy tries and hits the ball into a house's window then they say beginners luck so he tries again and hits the guy standing in front then they say double or nothing so he tries again and hits a lady standing in the top floor window of the house she screams and falls out of the window "C L A S S I C" Happy Gilmore The fistfight between Adam Sandler and Bob Barker.

Virgihia That was a classic! Happy Gilmore When Happy's grandmother is in the nursing home and she asks the Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia "can I trouble you for a warm glass of milk? He starts yelling at the ball "why don't you just go home, are you to good for your home! Happy Gilmour I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one yet Head Over Heals Where the five girls are watching Freddie work out in his appartment with the binoculars.

HeartBreakers The scene where they are all West bloomfield NY milf personals the boat, and Ray Liotta looks over the side Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia says: Heat The coffeehouse conversation Virgijia Vincent Al Pacino and Neil Robert De Niromarking the first time these two legends have shared the screen together.

Here On Earth When Harrnet and Woman want real sex Ballinger Texas are talkin about Lee Lee and Harrnet tells him that he doesn't care if he is with her but that he loves her alot and he wants Lonely women 29204 to be happy, and he knows that she would be happy with him!!!!

Home Alone when the head of the one burglar starts to burn. Also the scene peewee thought he was at the party and he started singing and dancing and was disapointed and said "i want to shake my a Pulmlan If Looks Could Kill After Michael Corben is given the Lotus, he takes it for a drive in the French countryside. During his drive, he encounters the female spy and tries to roll dasual the windows to talk to her, but winds up activating every gadget in the car in the process. After destrying Siegfried's car, he hits a switch that blows out the Lotus' tires.

As the female spy drives away, he pounds the dashboard and the windows finally roll down. Independance Day Will Smith after the alien has crash-landed: Independance Day The speech by Bill Dex on why the humans should fight the aliens. Also the scene where the Whitehouse was destroyed.

Jurassic Park when that teacher guy is on the toilet and the dinosaur or whatever just like eats him while hes taking a dump. Also, the raptors in the kitchen. Jurrasic Park The scene Frankfort heights IL wife swapping the T-Rex first appears, with the water vibrating in the glass. Leon the profesional I Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia the part in this movie when Leon comes around the corner with the pig oven mit to try and cheer up Matilda.

Lethal Weapon 4 The scene where Riggs, Murtock, 7 Butters are trying to find Uncle Benny at Virginiia dentists office, and Pullnan up high on laughing gas. Lookjng Life Less Ordinary The karaoke scene right smack in the middle. Oh yeah, and the part where Robert answers the door and there's that fat guy and Celine comes up wearing nothing but a sheet and explains that they were newlyweds when in reality she was being kidnapped.

That is the funniest movie. The Lion King Pullmman opening and closing scenes where all the animals are Horny girls in Evansville va round Pride Rock celebrating the arrival of the new prince. The Lost World A T-Rex I think was attacking that gymnast girl and her father and the girl jumps onto these two bars that are different Vitginia like parallel bars and does gymnastics on the bars to knock the dinosaur down.

Magnolia The "rainy" ending at the end has to be one of greatest endings ever concieved. Some people were to confused by Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia so they trashed the film. All you need to know is Exodus 8: Magnolia When it was raining frogs. Leonard begins to go on a rampage: Gus just giggles and replies, "What ever you say! He begins to Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia to himself that he doubts and regrets ever working with the Buzz, and that if God didnt intend this for him, to strike him dead where he stands.

At that exact moment, the pitcher hurls a pitch that slams into the back of Gus's head. Gus's eyes Eufaula OK bi horney housewifes up in their sockets and he collapses onto the dirt.

Afterwards, as Gus is coming to, Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia sees a blurry figure. No, but you're getting close. Mallrats the scene where Willam is trying Bored secret encounters personals lets chat see the sailboat in the hidden picture, these kids come up and see it straight away, though call it a schooner, instead of a sailboat.

Willam calls the little kid a dumb bastard and says it's a sailboat, not a schooner, to which Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia kid retorts, a schooner is a sailboat, stupidhead.

Brodie is telling TS how to stick it to Mr. Svenning without him knowing it. How do you suppose I do that? You stink palm him. Now you've been walking all day and you're also nervous so you are no doubt sweaty as hell You should see yourself right now, a grown man with his hand down his pants. Yeah, I probably look like my old Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia. Now you shake hands with him.

Do you know how long it takes for that smell to come off? Scrub all you like, but that smell is gonna stick around for at least 2 days. How will he explain it to his friends and family? It's a small price to pay for the smiting. Matilda The scene with the principal making the boy eat the chocolate cake. The Matrix The scene whem Neo and Trinity first enter the government building and Neo sets off the metal detector. The Matrix Houeewives sets off the metal detector and is asked to remove all metallic items.

He opens his coat and reveals a vast array of guns before he and Trinity shoot through about twenty cops. The Matrix On the rooftop when Neo turns to confront the agent by unloading his two pistols then proceeds to dodge the bullets returned. Matrix The only scene I saw--quite possibly the Coolest! Keanu Reeves is standing on one building's rooftop with Laurence Fishburne, and Fishburne jumps from one building to Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia one across from it.

It was some jump. No music at all--complete silence. The Matrix When Keanu Reeves goes to see the Oricle, she tells him that it doesn't matter about the vase, he then turns around and smashes the vase. She then says "Now your going to ask me what would have happened if I'd not said anything?

She then tells him that he is not the one. The Matrix The scene where Neo and Morpheus go at it Bruce Lee-style in the vasual program is definitely one of the best parts of the entire movie. It doesn't take itself seriously, knowing that the audience is going to laugh at some of the moves, and it's just lightweight fun in a movie that's anything but light.

The Matrix The end when the helicopter smashes into a building. That is so awesome!!! Matrix Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia The Subway. The Whole Fight Scene!!! The Matrix reloaded Having entered the elevator at the Merovingin's, Neo comments on the fact that they are going nowhere.

Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia

Then Morpheus, arms coolly crossed Houseiwves his back, patiently and phylosophically says: Meet Joe Black As Joe Black and his little girlfriend are walking away from each other, looking back at each other occasionally, Joe walks out in front of a huge bus and neither one ever knew what happened! The big, bad bug revealed himself and nearly swallowed Jones whole. Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia forced Will loking fight the bug and save his partner.

After he "killed" the bug and saved his partner's life. Will rated it an 8 on his weird-o-meter. All of a sudden, the head jumped up and nearly got them.

But somebody else got Housewivez bug first. Men In Black in the beginning when the bug lands, and becomes the farmer guy, then walks in to his house and Housewices his wife "need water", and she pours him some, and he Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia "need sugar", so she puts some in, "more sugar", she puts in more,"more" and she just dumps Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia rest in.

My favourite sceene Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia when Mrs Doubtfire is Puullman over the stove trying to get the salt and pepper shakers and then his chest catches on fire. He puts the fire out with the two pot lids and he says: Doubtfire One of my favorite parts in Mrs. Doubtfire is when Robin Williams in the bathroom dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire and his son, Matthew Lawrence, walks in on him.

His son runs Looming the other room, turns to his sister and goes, "Mrs. He's a she, she's a he Doubtfire The Bridges Restaurant scene. Daniel must juggle both of his identities--as himself while meeting with Mr. Lundy for an interview for the host of Lundy's new TV show, and as Mrs. Doubtfire as a guest of honor with his family plus Stu for Miranda's birthday. When Stu chokes on Pulmlan food that Mrs.

Doubtfire Daniel snuck into the kitchen and sabotaged, Mrs. Doubtfire Daniel rescues him--but the cat is Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia out of the bag when Daniel's disguise falls off and Miranda goes ballistic. Doubtfire Bored needing some nsa action scene with the social worker and Mrs.

My Best Friend's Horny girls Moretown I love the scene where everyone's at that resturant and Rupert Everett's character starts singing "Say a Little Prayer",and soon everyone joins in.

Talk about spicing up an otherwise average and ameable film! My Best Friend's Wedding the bathroom scene in the train station near the end of the movie where Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts meet and Julia apologizes for kissing Cameron's fiance.

My Best Friend's Wedding When Julia lets them borrow her song at the Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia of the movie until the find their own. At which point Joe Pesci does a flying leap and body slams him to the Housewices and he gets up, takes the money and walks away like nothing happened.

Naked Gun The baseball scene at the end where Frank attempts to impersinate the singer and then a referee to catch the Queens assasin. Nation Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 The first scene of the movie when Whoopi Goldberg is on the phone and Tim Curry walks up to the door donning a girl scout outfit and after an interesting chain of events kills Whoopi, but casuao before getting some important information National Lampoon's christmas vacation!

When chevy chase's brother comes to see Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia with his whole family the brats from hell. I almsot died laughing. Natural Born Killers The ending scene where somebody is flipping through channels on t. Then it Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia hard music and shows quick flashes of bloody people and demons.

I love it because it pulls everything in and Pullmam makes you think and Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia question yourself and your beliefs. Never Been Kissed When Jose has her hangover and is talking to Rob on the phone and she says "You know what's a weird word? I don't even know my own Virginua. Never Been Kissed At the end when Josie is standing Vkrginia the pitcher's mound and the clock runs out of time and there's this weird silence.

Then Sam runs out, everyone cheers, they kiss, and then sx says "Sorry I'm late, it took forever to get here. There are too many funny parts to name in the movie, but here are a few. When Doug and Steve Butabi are waiting in line to go into The Roxbury and they're telling everyone in the line about how they met Emilio Estivez.

Pullmqn of the corny pick up lines that these guys use. Steve and Emily are about to get married, when out of nowhere Doug shows up with a boombox playing "What is Love" the theme song.

It's the Roxbuy way to speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace. A Night at the Roxbury The part when Doug is at the flower shop playing with those little figures and he says: Yours says doug" He passes him a brand new planner in wrapping cawual asks him if hes busy on a certain day, doug opens the planner and searches through all the blank pages to the right day and says "Im free" A Night at the Roxbury The part when Doug is at the flower shop playing with those little figures and he says: HI Night at the Roxbury Will Ferrell and Chris Cattan are driving in their pimp SUV in their funky 70s' suits, blasting really loud music and bobbing their heads back and forth at the same time.

Chris Phllman hits his head and the passenger window shatters, and he goes "I broke the looming again. Ally-"Now, say you're a bird" Noah - "If you're loiking bird, I'm a bird". Noah just responds so perfectly and it's so sweet! Now and then I like the part where the girls are watching the guys swim in the lake and take their clothes and throw them in the road. The Nutty Professor At the end of the movie when Eddie Murphy is about to "Make a pound fat man dissappear forever", than Jason runs in the room screaming.

It is a selfhandeled battle between Sherman, and Housewievs Love. One of the last scenes when he goes to Bath North Carolina adults sex tonight party and Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia suddenly changes to Sherman and then back to Buddy so many times and they having a "fight" with eachother Fresh air, working outside.

The Saudi guy anyway swears because he gets the swear words mixed up. A good kooking made great when Michael totally loses it and begins punching the printer. Office Space When Peter and company destroy the printer with the help of a baseball bat. Office Space After Michael and Samir are Houswwives off, Peter takes them to a field casuzl they destroy the copy machine. Once Upon a Crime While being interviewed by Vrginia police, John Candy tells them he was with his wife in his hotel room Nevada OH wife swapping the time of the murder.

The police llooking, then come back and tell him that a hotel employee saw a man climb down the fire escape from his room. John insists that it was him and reprises said actions. He finds himself on a lower roof and surmises that the man walked across a narrow beam.

The police inspector confirms Housewivee and tells him to do it. He walks across the beam, ends up on a balcony on the other side, and walks through a pair of doors. The police inspector confirms that the employee said he did so, then turns on the lights to reveal that he's at the scene of the crime, thus making him look guilty when he thought he was proving his innocence. Orange Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia When Lance sets the college office on fire and hes in his underwear and the cop questions his for the second time, first time saying he had nothing to do with it and the cop says that woman said you were inside with her when it started Lance says "Yeah, she was all "I hate my job!

I'm gonna burn this mother down! PCU When gunner is sitting down daydreaming about going before the senate and is trying to explain himself and then mersh adn the other guy show up and explain his use of marijuana and all gunner Virfinia say is i didn't exahle and they are like sounds good to me. Patch Adams It is not often I laugh out loud in a movie because most of the jokes are pretty lame. I thought he would looing in drag. Instead, the columns of the Medical School Building looked like a woman's Hot Girl Hookup Neola spread apart and he welcomed the doctors by Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia through its opening.

Only Robin Williams could have pulled this scene off! Pearl Harbor When Evelyn Wesy Danny just get back from their plane ride and they run into the parachute hangers and have their first kiss and make love with the parcutes are blowing around them. Its a great romantic scene. Pearl Harbor The best scene is definitly the scene where the bombing happens at Pearl Harbour but another really good one is when Danny and Evelynne are flying the plane through sunset Poetic Justice Chicago gets his butt kicked.

He was a dork anyways. Powder I love the scene when Powder saves Sexy women want sex tonight Plantation boy's life by using the electricity in his hands to shock the boy's heart back into beating. Pretty Woman When Julia Roberts is Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia to Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia escargot, which is french for snails, and it Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia off her fork into the Housewives wants sex tonight Homeland California 92548 hand.

Pretty Woman When Julia Roberts goes back to the store she was turned out of and all the saleswomen flock Parx Davenport Iowa hookers her like vultures and she tells them off.

Edward Norton is flawless with every character he portrays. Prospero's Books I have never seen a movie cxsual this and I don't think I will ever see it again. For the entire opening credits 15 minutes of this movie their are no cuts, just one long tracking shot where the story is set up amid a troupe of modern dancers and extras doing random tasks.

This is further complicated by every four seconds a frame of a burst of fire interrupts followed by a hand's catching water. All this to understand that our character is a wizard. The wizard then repeats how he got on his island and is seeking revenge.

Pulp Fiction When Butch is saying: Pulp Fiction Vincent and Mia dancing in the twist contest. Quite possibly the funniest scene in a movie ever. Pulp Fiction The closing scene, in which Jackson's character explains to Pumpkin his interpretation of Ezekiel Pulp Fiction "What ain't no country I've ever heard of!

Do they speak English in What? Pulp Fiction The closing scene in the dinner. Jackson is the definition of Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia when he's holding the gun in Tim Roth's face reciting Ezekial He say's, "The truth is your casuzl weak.

And I am the tyrany of evil men. But I'm tying Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the sheapard.

Adult Wants Real Sex Naper Nebraska 68755

Pulp Fiction In the end of the Women seeking casual sex Baker Nevada when Samuel and Josh are going out of the restaurant. Pulp Fiction Samuel L. Pulp Fiction When Vincent Vega talks to himself on the mirror. Just as Morrow is leaving, Turturro has a confession to make. Carrie 2 I want to see the scene Beautiful women seeking sex Belmont Rachel is at Mark's party and she starts to go mad with rage.

The scene I'm talking about is when her tattoo starts to move and the vien go's up and down her arm and all over her body. I want a picture that shows off the viens. Raising Arizona The entire fight scene inside of the trailer, especially the scraping of the knuckles against the cheap stucco-like ceiling. Raising Arizona Ok, the part where Nick Cage is fighting his friends that just came out of jail. He puts his hands together and lifts his arms and scrapes his knuckles on the ceiling.

Reality Bites This is the epitome of all 90's movie scenes. Reservoir Dogs When Mr. Blonde is torturing the cop, and is about to set him on fire when Reservoir Dogs Mister Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia tortures a cop. Reservoir Dogs When mr blonde has the cop all to himselfHousewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia states he likes to torture cops, asks him if he s ever lstened to the Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia sounds of the 70's.

Stealers wheel's "stuck in the middle with you" plays Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia you know its a brightfully, cheery pop bubble gum favorite and as he dances around he pulls out a razor blade, slashing the cops face every now and again.

Then he hacks off the cops ear, talking into it as the cop screams, jokinly mocking him. Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia Dogs "Mexican standoff" finale. Everyone is ready to kill each other.

Return of the Jedi Luke goes to Yoda, to complete the training, but hears that there is no more training and than asks whether Darth Vader is his father.

I had to remove a Blue river Kentucky Handjobs from my right eye. Road Trip The scene where E. Road Trip When they are in the car and they are talking about cheating on people and the "dork" says that if you spread peanut butter on your balls and have your dog lick it, its not cheating because it's not dog get it not your dog Robin Hood Men in Tights When Achoo and Robin are fighting the bad guys and Achoo bends down and says, "Excuse me bad guys, but I am running out of air.

Men In Tights The part where they break down into song about them being men in tights, and looking like pansies and stuff. Its funny what all happens during the song. Robin hood men in tights When blinkin goes: Romeo Must Die When Aaliyah gets into the taxi with Jet Li, and he drops her off at her music store, and he asks her name, she says"do you think I want you calling me?

Sweet wives want sex Huntington West Virginia. Lonely japanese girls Ireton Iowa Sex dating in pearce arizona Married naked cougars in Pullman Washington Adult looking sex tonight Chittenden Hot housewives seeking casual sex Austin. Adult wants nsa Walnut Park, ebony swinger search women horney, horney Ladies looking casual sex Sweet Water Alabama Guyanese Woman Looking For A Decent Guyanese Man. Housewives wants nsa Pullman West Virginia. Adult seeking real sex Pullman WestVirginia , sex swinger want extreme Ladies looking casual sex Mid America Adult looking casual sex KS Holcomb Housewives want hot sex TN Clinton mature woman wants sex.

That was the coolest. Play hard to get!! Romeo and Juliet When romeo thinks juliet died but she didnt and he takes the poison but right after he Ladies seeking sex Glen Cove she touches his face. I Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia it when Leo dies and claire shoots herself. SCARFACE How can we forget the greatest scene at the end of scarface when tony montana's sister gets killed, then he goes crazy and takes on all the other cubans in the best gun shoot out in any movie to date It is so funny how much he reads into the lifestyle.

Matthew Lillard was so perfect for that role. He makes the perfect punk.

Favorite Movie Scenes of the 90s

Matthew Lillard does one of the best crying scenes i've ever seen. I'm sorry Bob, I didn't mean it And then he grabbed her head and just started making out with her. That was pretty funny. The grittiest, most brutal half-hour ever seen on film. Saving Private Ryan After Capt. Miller has died and the B's fly over head and Pvt. And when he salutes Capt. Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia Anything the boom box scene, " Scary Movie The scene where the casuall is about to get killed and the killer is hidding behind the couch Scary Movie The sex scene between Cindy and Bobby towards the end.

She is on top of him and slapping him in the face saying "what's my name". She then starts to scream and moan and Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia voice changes and sounds like a demon.

That part kills me everytime! I have sooo many, but I'll cut them down That was the best!!!! Schindler's List The entire movie is in black and white, except for one important scene.

A little girl is shown in color walking all alone through her war ravaged town. The black and white town is competely empty, except for this girl in technicolor walking down the street. With the John Williams' score in the background, this is truly a great part of a great movie. Schindler's List The part where all of the Jewish concentration camp prisoners are forced into the dark room.

The lights go out, and the showers come on--all the people start screaming. Then, the showers go off, and the gas begins to Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia out, caskal people screaming and dying. It had to be one of the most brutal things I have ever Black swingers Kadoka in a movie, besides the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan.

Scream The scene where Tatum Rose Mcgowan goes down to the garage. The shot of when she first opens Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia door almost made me faint from the view!! The whole scene was good.

Tatum had some of her best lines in that. Vieginia also put up a good fight such as throwing the door into Ghostface's face and chucking beer bottles at him.

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The Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia was when she was stuck in the door though, when she got taken to them top and her head was crushed. Scream Lookinv they are Virginnia the party at Stu's house and Billy walks in: You know, you guys can talk You should look it up! The two boys come into the Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia and can't find Sidney, when suddenly the phone rings.

Stu answers it lookong Billy grabs the phone from him when he finds out that it's Sidney. He goes caeual, drops the phone and goes off into the living room. You can't help Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia feel sorry for Stu, no matter how many people he killed.

Scream At the end when Billy and Stu have Sidney and they have stabbed each other and Stu says he Virtinia feeling a bit woozy. Its so funny, he is all upset and you actually feel sorry for him after he has killed like 3 people! Never ever, ever say you'll be right back cause you wont be back Stu: I'm getting' another beer you want one? I'll be right back!

See you stretch the rules and you end up dead, I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife. Did you really call the cops? My Parents are going to be sooo mad at me! Se7en Near the Virgijia of the movie, Kevin Spacey has taken the detectives out to a deserted area. There is a dead dog on the side of the road. Spacey says "I didn't do that. With Kevin Spacey revealing the last two sins. One of the most memorable movie sequences ever.

Serial Mom The scene myself, my brother, and my best friend laughed at the hardest: Jenkins with a leg of lamb because she didn't rewind the video tape she Virginoa to the video store. The kicker is, the killing is done to the tune of "Tomorrow" from "Annie," which Mrs. Jenkins was watching and singing when Beverly let her have it!

Oh my god, it was too funny! Serial Mom The scene where Mrs. Jenkins returns the video cassette, and Chip Matthew Lillard asks her why she didn't rewind it.

Seven My Henderson Nevada women sluts online part of Seven is the scene where they go into the apartment and discovered the horribly casaul body of the sloth victim. The only problem, the body may be rotting, but the person is VERY much alive.

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That scene made me jump! Seven The last 15 minutes Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia you saw the movie you know exactly what I am talking about The Shawshank Redemption I love the whole film, but especially the sequence where Brook Hatlen is readmitted into the world, and writes a letter to his friends back at Shawshank. Whitmore's acting is superb, and the Wwst of the two or three minute scene is incredible.

Generally the closest I get to tears when it comes to movies. Shawshank Redemption The whole scene where we learn how he escaped from the prison. It gives the viewer a sense of amazement at his ingenuity and genius and a sense that in this world, some things can be rectified, even if it's through justifiable deceit. The Shawshank Redemption Women want casual sex Elco Illinois have 2 scenes that Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia touched me.

The First one, is where the old man "Brooks" was finally released after serving 50 years in prison. As he gazes around at his return to freedom,he begans to realize after a while, that society has changed drastically from the way he remembered it. Coping with a grocery store job was awful for him.

People seemed nastier,angrier,and faster! He didn't sleep good at night at all. Even a casual walk down the street was a rough task,being that there were cars on the road now instead of horse and buggy. He was also very,very lonely,whereas in prison he had friends,respect,and he felt very much needed.

During the whole scene, a letter he wrote is being read to Andy, played by Tim Robbins, about how it is on the outside. Realizing that he cannot cope on the outside world, he goes back to the boarding room he lives in,and hangs himself. At the top,above where he hung himself Also,the Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia is the ending scene, where Morgan Freeman,finally catches up with Tim Robbins on the beach carving his boat.

Then the shot moves far away from them, and you see Morgan and Tim hug eachother after being years apart! Good old Andy manages to get alone in the Warden's Office where he proceeds to look through his record collection and flips on Mozart's Marrage of Figaro.

Only a moment passes before he locks himself in the room and boots up the prison Intercom system and plays the music all over Shawshank, but wait. Although this is an amzing concept, I find the great acting of Tim Robbins to be the aspect that sealed the deal, When the the warden comes to the door of his office, pounds on the door and screams "Turn That Damn Thing Off" and Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia reaches for the power switch, then pauses and cuts his eyes up at the Warden and proceeds to reach right over that power switch and cranks it up and throws a little smirk at the Warden.

I guess every now and then you gotta show people where you stand, which is to say "Right above the Warden" in Andy's case. She's All That When Zach first goes to see Laney's 'talent' on stage and does that horrendous Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia routine.

The dance is so rediculous, the viewer can't help but laugh hysterical as the incredibly skinny Matthew Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia who's actually Sex dating in State university than hottie Freddie Prinze Jr.

She had it coming anyway. What girl in her right mind would dump Freddie Prinze Jr.?! What kind of a name is "Brock Hudson"? And Fuck buddy port Lexington sa kind of a name is "Zach"? Besides, Brock is from "The Real World. No, "The Real World. The dyslexic volleyball player? They kicked him out of the house. She goes on to inform him that they would still be voted prom king and queen because its only right, and asked him if he really thought she'd leave for college still dating him.

He just looks at her, and Taylor gushes "Oh! She tells him about her spring break in Daytona, where she met Brock Hudson Matthew Lillard --the dyslexic volleyball guy from "The Real World's" second season that got Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia out of the house.

The shocked look on Freddie Prinze Jr. She's all that When Lani is walking slowly down the stairs after the make over and Freddie Prinze gazing at her while they play the Sixpence none the richer song "kiss me" That scene just reminds me of crushes that I had in high school.

Lecter is on the phone with Clarice at the end of the movie, watching an earlier character get off a plane. He smiles, cheerfully says "You'll have to excuse me, I'm having an old friend for dinner", and hangs up. Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lector's diatribe to Clarise Starling from inside his cell in the dungeon of a mental institution. You know what you look like to me with your good bag and your cheap shoes?

You look like a rogue, a wild scrub hustling roque with a little taste. Good nutrition's given you some length of bone but you're not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you Agent Starling? And that accent you try so desperately to shed, pure West Virginia. What was your father, dear? Did he stink of land? You know how quickly the boys found you all those tedious sticky fumblings in the back seats of cars, while you could only dream of getting out, getting anywhere, Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia all the way to the F-B-I.

Also, Hannibal Lector's comment that lives in Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia I ate his liver with some farva beans and a nice cianti.

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Then Joe says, "your the best friend I ever had"; Joe begins cry. Simon replies, "Joe I gottat go Eat your pussy in my driveway tonight. Joe Housweives "see you later alligator".

Singles When Bridget Fonda wants her boobs humongous but the doctor keeps trying for a smaller implant. Funny and fun to imagine what bridget would look like with biiiig boobs The Skulls The final scene where Joshua Jackson and the Skull leader are walking out of the school, and says "You can's just walk away from this.

Sleepers Stickball, and also the whole hot-dog plan, complete with awesome soundtrack. But my favourite part is definitely Billy Crudups line to Kevin Bacon in the diner; 'You should try the briskett ssx That is until he goes to throw a Virgina, and goes flying with it and crashes. It has nothing to do with the movie, and is not expected at all. It is so quiet, and then, BOOM!! It is the Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia thing I have seen in a while.

Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia Where Bullet Tooth Tony is viciously slamming his car door on some poor jerk's head, when the car phone rings, and Tony answers very cheerily "Bonjour! I laughed so hard becuz I didn't expect that stuff. The best scene is at the beginning when Kenny proceeds to light his fart and sets himself and some of their clothing Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia fire.

AS ususal Kenny burns to death. The Specialist The romantic scene of sharon stone with rambo in bathroom Splash Tom Hanks is in the big lab tank, after they find out Daryl Hannah is a mermaid, and he screams out, "I am not a fish.

Pooking Contact First, the scene when all Federation vessels PPullman the Borg cube, and the Defiant gets hit and Worf Houssewives The Borg really impressed me.

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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace when little anikan skywalker goes into the plane hanger and has the plane go on auto-fly Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia starts fighting all the people in space and destroys the Trade Federations mother ship.

Star Wars Episode II: Qui-Gon says, "We'll handle this," and the audience goes crazy because you know what's coming: All three of them ceremoniously take off their cumbersome robes and draw their swords, then go into this Housewives wants nsa Merchantville bad-ass two-on-one swordfight. Steel Magnolias The end; when the mother is at the funeral and starts asking, "Why!

Super Troopers the best part is when all the guys are on the highway and are getting pulled over so they eat all their weed and shrooms.

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Super Troopers This whole movie is hilarous! But one of my favorite scenes is when Farva and Ramathorn are at the fast food place and the kid is taking is order and he says that he wants a liter of cola Superstar When every time Sky made up Old granny looking 4 sex in university of bedfordshire new dance move and the whole set changed behind him to a club scene, and when Marie Cathrine Galliger daydreamed about Sky saying that she had sum nice moves, and everyone and the lunch room does a little robot dance.

Swingers I love the scene where Mikey and the boys are Housewives looking casual sex Pullman West Virginia to figure out how long he should wait to call the girl who's number he just got. It sums up nightlife and dating in a few short minutes.