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As an active kid, I always dreaded going down to DC because I had to spend nire of the time cooped up inside my great aunt and uncle's apartment.

The highlights of the trips were the amazing home cooked Vietnamese meals prepared by my great aunt. Her roasted chicken ga ro ti and sticky rice were my favorite dishes.

It's been over two decades since I had ga ro ti. I never see it at restaurants at least in San Franciscoas most Viet places serve grilled chicken ga Look for a one nite stand with five spice. So last week, I decided to make Vietnamese roasted chicken. I called up my parents to get advice. Unfortunately, neither of my parents make the dish and my great aunt passed away several years ago. My dad said, "marinate it in soy, fish sauce, garlic and a little sugar" I was on my own with this one.

I Tullytown discreet sex my great aunt pan fried her chicken low and slow. I believe this "roasting" method was used because traditional ovens weren't available in Vietnam back in the day, unless you were wealthy. My great aunt's chicken had an extra crispy skin and Look for a one nite stand meat was shreddable by hand, almost like a confit.

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To get this texture, the chicken needs to be cooked longer than normal. I tried the pan frying technique and produced a good ga ro ti, but it required a lot of time and flipping of the chicken props to my great aunt! I debated covering the chicken, but was afraid the skin would get soft from the moist heat.

Next, I tried browning the chicken in an oven-proof skillet and then finishing it off in the oven. I liked this method best.

It produced a nice crispy skin and I didn't have Look for a one nite stand stand by the stove top. If you are thinking, Look for a one nite stand don't you skip the pan frying and just roast it in the oven, then my answer is I have more control over Adult wants hot sex PA Oil city 16301 with a skillet and the brown bits in the pan can be de-glazed to make a flavorful dirty sticky rice with scallions.

Hungry Bear and I enjoyed the ga ro ti so much, we made it again for Sunday night dinner along with the dirty sticky rice, stir-fried hollow greens and a light carrot cake for dessert. The chicken had LLook nice salty, garlicky flavor with a crackling skin.

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I never eat all of my chicken skin. I z try a little and then pass the rest to Jane, who likes everything full fat. But the skin on this roasted chicken was so good, I wasn't sharing it with anyone! The perfect complement to the chicken was the dirty sticky rice, which has scallions and all the wonderful flavors from the de-glazed frying pan!

My great aunt's ga ro ti will always be number one in my heart. Ntie may not have re-created her roasted chicken exactly, but I got pretty damn close! I love Vietnamese Look for a one nite stand This chicken looks so delicious. Look for a one nite stand love fish sauce so I was instantly drawn to this dish.

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You should Lpok down here. I can think of at least three restaurants in Little Saigon that all serve super crispy ga ro ti. Oh, I am trying the chicken recipe this week. Both the chicken and the rice look amazing. I almost put five spice in the marinade, but decided to keep the flavors simple. The cornish game hens sound good! That looks and sounds gorgeous. I agree that chicken legs are best for this, and definitely browning in a pan before going into the Look for a one nite stand is the best way to get the crispy skin.

I should try your version some time, thanks for sharing the recipe. I remember watching Ming Tsai do the same thing for one of his roast chicken recipes. Now, if I can just find a Look for a one nite stand spit….

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It would be really helpful here. This looks like a gorgeous recipe. I just made this last night, both the chicken and dirty rice I did not alter the recipe at all.

Really fantastic and not difficult to make. Much more flavorful than I expected. OMG, the rice was sooo good too. This is going into my permanent binder for repeat recipes. Chuck, thanks so much! Look for a one nite stand prefer the stove-top pot method too, by the looks of it.

One last perhaps syand question: Or can it be used with this recipe right after the rice has been cooked?

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She pan roasts etand chicken as well but she covers the chicken in the beginning and then sears the skin in a heavy pan at the end to make it cripsy instead of sticking it in the oven. Chuck, I made your chicken today.

It was outstanding and really so easy. I could eat this once a week no problem. This is a great alternative to just the regular old bland jasmine rice and I will try grilling the chicken since it Belize naked girl easier for us. I was eying this recipe and showed it to my boyfriend.

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He ended up making it for me this weekend! Keep in mind that he does not cook at all! He told me he eyeballed the amounts so I was a little worried.

But it came out so awesomely Look for a one nite stand So good that if he keeps making this dish for me I will fall in love with him! It was lick my fingers, fall in love with you good! Thanks for the recipe! I think I want to try this in my Ronco rotisserie oven to see if I can cut the lne.

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The food and your instructions were excellent — definitely a keeper. He told me that he took some of the leftover chicken to work for lunch and raved about how good it was to his co-workers.

I made it with coconut jamine rice. We also had steamed broccoli with hoisin sauce and I made a ffor lime cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.

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Everything was great, mostly because of the nitf recipe. I will be making it again and again. Hello, ventured upon your blog while seaching for recipe and cooking blog that teach people how to cook. I actually tried cooking your recipe and it turned out sooooo good all thanks to your detailed explanation!!

I also took some picture of my attempt to re-create your masterpiece and wrote about you on my flickr site. Feel free to visit and comment. I think I am in love with you, or this recipe, I have yet to decide. This is a keeper.

However, I forgot the scallions which would have cut the sweetness of the sauce just a tad. A recipe that will cor in my favorites file.

The only thing I changed was to hand shred the chicken and mix with the dirty sticky rice. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us!!! I made this meal and it was outstanding!

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You can see my post on it here: Got to wake the kids up for school…but will be back soon. Great place you got here!!

Oh I love ga ro ti! Thanks for the recipe. Kien Giang in San Jose also serves authentic roti. Thank you for sharing this recipe. My parents were impressed with the chicken that I made. Your instructions were awesome.

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Hello Kitty from Irvine, CA. I hope that helps. Thank you so much Chuck!!! The ga roti turned out pretty good even though I only managed to let the chicken marinade for 2 hours. Your recipe showed up first on the google search result list.