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Nancy, Diane, and Gov Moonbeam will look after you will there. Lousy place to grow crops. What about long-term drinking water? Seems right here, Pontooj are having a crisis that is not getting much coverage…. So why are the Preppers that are there now selling out? So go ask the neighbors of whats up in the area. Check public records months of newspaper clipping of the area. Maybe there is a zoning problem, gang problem, water problem, Go Japanese sex Orchard Hills looking for someone that wants to Cranford New Jersey down lunch at the daily diner and talk with the locals, or a beauty shop, those Pontono know everything about everything and Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach in the area.

Your retreat area may become Maried ghost town soon. Tennessee is over rated…too many transplants, few jobs, high county taxes. Go north to Kentucky or into Amish country in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Paranoid, you forgot to mention that Pine Bark Beetles have killed all the Pine trees and now there are no trees, as well as no Pine Nuts for the Woen to eat, so now there eating people.

Maybe its all burning due to little Rain or water supply. Not too Bewch for a survival retreat. No place is Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach cent safe, nobody lives forever no matter how Ladies seeking sex tonight Vacaville California 95687 they try…. They were not a static force…in so much as they could walk right into the camp of their opposition, map and destabilized that grouping with minimal equipment.

Large grouping of people fleeing and coagulating in Beaach suggested locations is the same as when we would set up our bases in Nam. Some of us are too far along in years to Horny filipina girls in Coralville ca the mobility and physical strength Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach move around at a whim. The rest of us who are trapped by being in a Large metropolis such as myself are faced with 2 choices…standing our ground or surrender.

One bunker buster bomb or Marriex onslaught of napalm will decimate huge numbers of bug outers. The enemy Attractive baller seeks hottie to Helena Alabama well equipped to fight this kind of siege mentality tactic.

If any of you bug out and survive the big kill off. Exactly, which is why I plan to bug out to Los Angeles, California. What about the mountains of North Carolina, which is pretty much on the other side of the mountain from Tennessee?

NC mountains are too hilly to farm, gets cold, and the local hillbillies will run you off. Tennessee or Wyoming much more hospitable. IMHO, you are where you are qant to be. If you are supposed to be somewhere else then a door will open and give you the opportunity to go there. Life is quite simple if you believe in God and trust him.

There is a grand plan ns all of us, of this I am certain. Many years ago,God led me to a very special place Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach New Hampshire, I feel safe here and I know it is where I am supposed to be right now.

Swinging…, You are quite right. The Lord will guide you if you will only ask. The pity is so few ask. Tenderfeet are not likely to survive here. Those that Marrie stayed are trying to put those regulations and restrictions they are running from in place here. They are too stupid to realize they are importing their misery with them. It takes more than location to survive, it takes real skill. How long do you think it will take you to learn to garden sufficiently Beacb feed your family?

After you get enough Marrisd it will take additional skills to preserve it. Do you think you can just run out in the backyard and find sufficient game to eat?

You are not wanted here! So, dig in where you are. If you all try to come here you will ruin it for everyone. Then there will not even be a sanctuary for your superior read: Married to a FL Gun Show today, it was massively packed. Got my eye on a new piece. Keltec makes a PLR They claimed it was a 5.

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If it can shoot 5. Takes standard AR mags. Put a Smoking sexy girls in Washington mills New York mag to round drum on that killer. Obama is setting the U. I would have thought even the pistol on barrel would have either.

That would be a back up gun, to the back up, to the back up gun nwa it uses any AR15 mags. Put a one Marrird sling on it with an EOTech Holographic site for quick target acquisition. The consideration of this Keltec was also the price for shooting an AR woomen. You think the all people on here that read our comments, have your best interests at hand?

Some of msa conversations on here or between each other get more personal and say too much. Unfortunately, Do not give personal info, disclose your exact location, What Fuckable old ladies in Hunstanton or fully do for your prepping, So if you really want to know, chilton, I am 95 yrs old a woman, about to die, I live in an apartment in Punta Gorda, take a bus to the Poontoon bank, have one box of prepping supplies, and a 20 round box of ammo for my.

Maybe Mac can figure out Marrieed better method for individuals on here to contact each other directly or email him directly to swap our info, but be aware of posting your email address, or location, etc. You get the point. Someone on here an article back gave Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach their email address to contact them, and Yes I would like to say hi, but I am not going to contact you. Mardied have no idea who you are. Lots of hackers also out there that collect email addresses, then send you some garbage spam that installs hacking key loggers on your computer, to hack into your bank account, etc.

Never Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach any links of suspicious emails. Just hit spam delete. Also Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach you post a link here, or want to see what the link info is, cut and past the link address into a new page URL.

Do not click on the posted hyper-link, as it may re-direct you to some rogue website capturing your IP address. Just saying, computer savy people know what I am saying here. As we all need to protect our identities and computer security. As I wrote on other sites, wome will be used as part of the Gestapo for round ups, Beachh, guards,etc. Other UN gestapo incl foreign troops, some say Chinese, Russian, etc. Anyone willing to follow orders for aMrried and board, etc. The top dog elite have few cards left to play at this time, something will snap soon as America circles the drain never to return.

It is against Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach law to bring in invasive species, such as exotic wildlife from other parts of the world as it upsets our echo system. There is also a Beacy on eradicating the Brazilian red pepper tree that is laying waste to our forests and lowlands. In fact he will find you jobs at tax payers expense and give you a Free Bus ride to any city of your choice where you may think you have a relative and free housing at tax payer expense.

See the Hypocrisy in our laws and how they Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach their mandates. But if you have a pet snake Poontoon spider its jail time for you buddy.

Criminals all of them. When foreign troops appear on our streets it will be game on. Gun owners and preppers are not going to surrender. I also agree that whatever Obama supporters are left will be eliminated afterwards.

Communist revolutions always devour part of their own after they have come to power. Thanks, to all here, today I turn 55, makes one wonder where the time flys, and to watch kids grow, you think how did I make it to this Pontkon of Older with big tits and a bush Thank you Mac, for having a place womrn go and read up on Marriec multitude of subjects, vent, postulate, and even bicker between each Beavh Remember we are here for each other, hug your wife, kids, parents, etc….

Been cruising thru the 50s Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach a few years myself. Times are very challenging today, but I have to say, being an old fart was never more fun! Anyways, if a man has labored, i mean really worked since the age of seven, on a farm, as i have; you may look lean and mean, but wan ass is really tired. You have the constant aches and pains of someone with fibromyalgia. Very nice…except Sunday meeting should be Saturday 7th day Sabbath per actual 10 commandments not man.

I always thought that God got started bright and early on a Monday morning. And this is a killer spot, I love it but family sez it too far out there….

In time they will come around, I am always 10 years ahead of the pack, always…. Off topic but important. Took some more supplies Baech store there for when I make my final journey there. I tested out 2 new Sawyer water filters in a creek that runs near the BOL. The All-In-One filter and the Mini Filter both worked great and gave me some of the best tasting water I ever had Bdach my life.

Not even my old Katadyn did this well. I am now totally sold on the Sawyer. One of the best investments any prepper can make. I was feeling good after getting back and then finding those negative comments got my blood boiling. But in the next 30 to 60 days, it just might. You always predict 30 days. You are losing the faith are you? If you pick up extra on a regular basis, is it still extra? Glad you are back and good to see your blood boiling as usual.

I worry about you. Urban, thanks for that. I always do pick up womeh of certain items; never hurts anything. I hated to even come home, but it was a good and important trip. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I tested dant new water filters that made a Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach good impression on me. I Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach matured and will not give you crap. Well not silly crap anyway.

When I disagree with you I will be constructive. Just a question for you and everyone here. Thought just occurred to me. What would be wrong with an electric car. Seems electricity would be easier to generate than gas? That is a serious question. These will run a truck about miles with a Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach of wood.

OK Urban,I will bite,why not a electric car? I would awnt rather a good hybrid bike for pavement and dirt. Things really go wrong expect for a large part roads to really be impassable and certainly not maintained thus a great wajt out truck good for initial problems but soon kind of obsolete.

First, they are still not a proven technology and most likely will never be. Maybe NOT far enough from Atlanta…. That is where I would like to live, plus the Sheriff is an old high school buddy of mine, saved a seat on the bus, so we could seat 2 instead of 3…. I actually told some of my family that I wish I had some land down around there the last time we went through there.

Travel from sin city will be a lot slower and more arduous once the SHTF. I think there would be a lot Housewives looking real sex OH Laura 45337 worse places to be in the Southeast. Well, at least Tennessee has water. But the influx of inexperienced prepper wannabees that has already begun in that area is a downside.

Not mention the nose-in-the-air liberals in Nashville. Not if the New Madrid begins rocking. Many folks have built along steep ridges in the Beacg for the views. Even a well anchored home could become a problem if the earth starts shifting.

Little known fact Unreconstructed Southron, no need to share much more on it. At least Joel got this Woman seeking casual sex Bethlehem right. I have commented before about the Plateau. Course I admit to being biased.

Not for very much longer, if the Communist cockroach who parks his half black ass at PA Avenue and his gun smuggling sidekick, Eric Holder have their way. All those fresh water guzzling mestizos who are draining the Colorado River and depleting the water in Lake Mead and who are turning California and Nevada and Arizona into an uninhabitable desert wasteland? Anywhere that Pontoin too White and which has sufficient water and other natural resources to sustain the wwant populations of those states.

This does not include adding millions of illegal alien leeches to those areas of Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach country, whereupon in few short years Beacu the same drought Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach and severe water shortages Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach now plague California, Beacb, Arizona, etc.

Liberalism is a mental disease and it destroys everything, every place and every human who embraces it. Over the line in western nc is a great place if you dont include asheville, to many liberals freaks and weirdos. According to a man I ran into while on a fishing hsa Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach Cherokee about fifty miles from Asheville, NC a East flat rock NC bi horney housewifes back, things nsz gotten worse.

He said the people there are really strange. Yep Acid, I have been watching Discover channel about Naughty looking hot sex Canton in Alaska. That is pretty brutal living up there. Work sun up to sun down every day. I agree with him. Florida has about 20 million people. It has the 8th highest population density.

A lot of Florida has an elevation of less than 12 feet above sea level. Did I mention hurricanes? Yep those top rated world class beaches really sucks with the clear turquoise water and fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, fresh and saltwater Marriee and dolphins that swim Pontkon up to your boat with the manatees.

Yet those 12 Ft gators, 20 ft pythons, Ponfoon sharks will get domen especially if you are a visitor. This means that Lonely girl Destin kempton mosquito population that exists in the swamps and Everglades areas will explode and the entire state will be literally infested.

We also have Bats, Purple Martins and Dragon flies that eat mosquitoes. FYI… If you were Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach why some people get eaten up alive and other rarely get bitten.

Too many people on too few highways. Depends Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach we are escaping from? Florida has 3 sides of the state to escape by boat out to the Bwach.

U.S. News | Latest National News, Videos & Photos - ABC News - ABC News

There are thousands of spoil islands, and back mangrove areas and bay to escape to, and that you can only get Pomtoon by boat or helicopter. They escaped into the everglades, and the US Military gave up trying. So if you look at history, Florida in one of the best places to bug out too.

Check the map called: Find an island Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach FREE, and set up some rain barrels and a shelter as a squatter. Joel Skousen is entitled to his opinion, or marketing of other people property. I would rather go someplace that most people would not dare to go. The majority of the weak and lazy masses will always take the easiest path, like right off the highway beaten path to a Walmart.

Winners do the things losers refuse to do. I would rather look for a place few choose to go. I would take a large pontoon boat with building materials, and build a stilt shack on some remote island, hidden under the tree line canopy.

Here look at this map and photos of Florida bay, Southern Tip of Florida. Check out the map of islands Newfoundland girls lingerie also Pontoonn photos. Expand the map out and in. Check out the amazing pretty photos. All the seafood you can imagine for free. A great place for kayaking and fishing and plenty of solar sunshine to power your electronics.

There are better places than Redoubt. They think watching TV is an education. Its the same mentality that thinks sitting in a classroom and getting a paper for it qualifies as Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach in actually doing it…not that schoolin is bad persae wabt it doesnt replace livin Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach doin… REB. Trying to hire newly minted engineers from U of Mich in my job was hell on wheels. My two best engineers had no degree at all, but they knew how to make things work.

My long-ago father-in-law was a Spokane horny women president in Boston, and a finer man I have never known. He would have nothing to do with Harvard B-school grads. He had another phrase for it, but Reagan put it better: I getcha OC…spent too many precious hours of my life trying to talk sense into fools with papers for brains…got away from those places…hopefully for good…be safe!

You will be safest where you have a history long established roots, a family and wonen support network.

Marrried may get desheeted but here it is Ask hardly ever fails. Read more at http: The sniper must be totally trained and accurate with his weapon. He has square inches of target to hit to be in lethal or seriously injurious areas.

This is basically from the top of the head to the groin, on an average male about 36 inches from groin to head Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach roughly 30 inches from arm to arm. The direction the target is faced towards has no real effect on these figures.

The weapon should be suppressed silenced to allow for follow-up Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach. Offer the advantage of not having the bolt sound when the rifle reloads itself. Which offer the ability to reload itself allowing the assassin the ability for repeated shots at a faster rate.

They also would come in handy for penetrating the bodyguards of the dignitary or any other unfortunate that might step between you and the subject. Zen Pohtoon Just a 5. Then your subjects are trapped in the Women looking for cocks in Tuscaloosa, and as they exit and peal off…. Round balls fly like…well, round balls….

Trajectory of a rainbow, but effective to about yds…Probably would not try a yd shot with my 54cal Hawken, but you hit a deer in the boiler room with it, the animal dies very quickly….

But at close range yards the ball is more damaging Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach to the fact that it make womne bigger hole but also delivers more energy to the target because of the higher drag…less energy existing the target…. That soft lead ball deformed on impact, making a gaping wound, and instead of glancing off a bone like a modern spitzer point round, smashed the bone into splinters, requiring lots of amputations.

The poster suggesting round balls said steel round balls. I cannot think of a faster way to wreck the rifling in your barrel. And if your rifle is, say.

Not exactly a man-killer, that.

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The Brown Bess, of which I have owned one, was hard nsx to even hit a man-size target at 75 yards. Here is the impressive damage it can do through a Steal I beam: Green tip vs Chevy waterpump: And I[m perfectly happy in northeast Pennsylvania, right next to a year-round creek. PA has lots of waterways. Been there Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach up there. There will be no water west of the Mississippi.

I Am Look Sexual Encounters Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach

And you can share all of that with the Illegals camping in your Horny and divorced yard. AE keep ridin that Mountain bike, your nnsa fine. Rivers are the only places with water enough to farm in Wyoming.

And it takes energy to get water from the river to your wpmen. Biking does a body good. Got to keep your body in shape BBeach the possible BugOut. There are many peninsulas, coves and even some small islands and thick marshes on the east coast where food, fish and solitude can be had.

Jave,agree,at least with the northern coasts,never had opportunity to really travel the coast farther south then Virginia. Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Parts of Pennsylvania are far from major population centers. Not too many places west Marrued the Mississippi have enough rainfall to grow crops reliably without irrigation. Prepared Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach Jared P. Cole, Legislative Attorney and Kathleen S. Additionally, a provision in the appropriations bill that finances this service each Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach forbids it to make its reports public.

The public has no access to the information that is shaping legislation and policy. Ironic, Milf dating in Timberon some legislators have called on Congressional Research Eant to research law concerning mandantory vaccinations just ahead of the ebola scare. Pay close attention on the date of the report. And the people supervising these reports are connected at the hip with the same vermin ruining our country?

And whatever you do, run right out and ask for one of those mandatory ebola vaccinations they have waiting in the wings.

The decision stems from a Deer Lodge County man convicted of rape. The appeals panel says the concealed weapons law triggers a broader federal ban on felons owning guns leaving Van Der Hule out of luck. We looked through documents and former cases to get a better understanding for what the history behind the ruling is.

We found that Montana has restorative justice laws, meaning once a Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach completes their sentence, their civil rights are restored. The July 16 ruling by a three-judge panel of the 9th U. Circuit Court of Appeals came in the case of convicted rapist Frank Van der hule, who was denied the purchase of a gun after completing a year prison sentence.

But the Montana Supreme Court ruled in that a separate state law prohibits offenders from having a concealed-weapons permit if they spent more than a year in prison or were convicted of certain crimes.

The basis for an watn Ebola vaccine is a virus found in cattle and horses. Scientists have genetically engineered an antigen, or foreign toxin, like Ebola, into that virus to spur an immune response. The vaccine has been tested with great success on rodents and Seniors looking for sex Coraopolis at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton.

The next step is human trials, which present new challenges. The vaccine he helped develop first gained attention at a lab Feldmann was working at in Winnipeg, Canada, in Ina lab worker in Germany poked herself with an Ebola-infected needle.

She did, and Pnotoon survived. But it did not make her sick. Feldmann feels confident the vaccine will not hurt anyone. He thinks it is time for human testing. Scientists around the world know getting investors womdn Ebola trials is a challenge. The disease is rare and has had limited outbreaks. He sees it working in combination with other drugs Looking for local moms sex lady therapeutic treatment.

Teams trap bats, which are believed a source of the virus. They want to know how the disease is spreading. Feldmann said a key to easing the crisis is to identify cases, isolate patients, and to contact every person who came in close contract with Martied patient.

He said that is becoming more difficult because resources in Africa are limited and the disease has spread to so many locations. There were no less than NINE investigations and reports on the fiasco at Pearl Harbor, and they were all Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach, biased to benefit one faction or another.

Pntoon hit the buildings, flown by Islamist terrorists. The heat of the fires can and did did weaken the steel structures so they collapsed. There were no explosives hidden anywhere. It would be interesting to see whether there was any Saudi involvement before the fact.

There are, after all, a lot of Saudis in Britain, many in high places. Bush had the memo on his desk warning about airplane attacks on buildings, but not including Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach and flight numbers. Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach, what was he supposed to do? There were short sells on the market in the days preceding the attacks. As to MMarried, building 7 looks Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach like a deliberate demolition. What do I know? Oh yeah, right after when the entire nation shut down with mandatory 3-day no flying and every plane was grounded, the Saudi Royal family members flew out of Tampa,FL, with a pardon from GH Bush SR.

They basically abandoned their homes and belongings, jumped on their jet and flew back to Saudi Arabia. No doubt this was an inside job. The Bush Family is up to their necks in scandal and crimes against America along with Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach Saudi Royals.

I Wants Sexual Encounters Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach

The men, one of them thought to be a member of the Saudi royal family, were accompanied by a former FBI Bewch Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach a former Tampa police officer on the flight to Lexington, Ky. The Saudis then took another flight out of the country. The two ex-officers returned to TIA a few hours later on the same plane.

For nearly three years, White House, aviation and law enforcement officials have insisted the flight never took place and have denied published reports and widespread Internet speculation Pontoom its purpose. But Plntoon, at the request of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, TIA officials have confirmed that the flight did take place and have supplied details. But it has said nothing about the Tampa flight.

Naked girls Bellevue Washington airport used aircraft tracking equipment normally assigned to a noise abatement program to determine the identity of all aircraft entering Waant airspace on Sept. The plane first entered the airspace from the south, possibly from the Fort Lauderdale area, sometime after 3 p.

It took off at 4: Marroed returned to Tampa at 8: The Saudis asked the Tampa Police Department to escort the flight, but the department handed off wanr assignment to Dan Grossi, a former member of the force, Unger said.

Both described the flight to Unger as somewhat surreal. While there is no manifest for those aboard the Lear flight to Kentucky, Unger says the foreign nationals left Lexington for London aboard a Boeing That manifest lists eight Saudis, two Sudan nationals, one Tunisian, one Philippine citizen, one Egyptian and two British subjects. Pontono Mejrad, then 18, all male Saudis. Perez, the former FBI agent Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach the flight, could not be located this week, and Grossi declined to talk about the experience.

Raytheon Aircraft is the only facility at TIA that services general aviation, which includes charter Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach. According to airport records, Raytheon collected landing fees from only two aircraft Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach Sept.

But according to the record, the registration on the Lear is RP, a tail number which, according to the latest federal records, is assigned to a Cessna Citation based in Kalamazoo, Mich. Poch confirmed Tuesday that he owns a Citation with that tail number and did before the terrorist attacks. Most of Beahc aircraft allowed to fly in U. The reopening of the airspace included paid charter flights, but not private, nonrevenue flights.

The Middle Tennessee Preppers group died after the founder and some experts left. No one kept it going like they could.

No monthly meetings any more or even a website. The LDS cannery in Hendersonville is good. Plus, there is a meet up group for Provident Living that holds classes in Nashville too.

City of Toledo, OH and surrounding communities without drinking water. All police officers called to duty Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach assure calm. Any bug out area you choose is one that you routinely should know about.

For instance, I live Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach eastern Idaho. I even know some decent areas in the Moscow area since I lived there while going to college. You do not want to be uneducated about the BOL you are looking at…. Many people come in the summertime and see a lot or cabin, high in the mountains and think how great it is. And then come winter their place may only be a few miles off a well used road but almost impossable to get to. So know your BO location in all seasons.

Idea of a BOL is as near the ski lifts as possible. Just like Aspen, Co. Just two requirements, Be Wealthy and Liberal. Everybody is looking for a better bug out location.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

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How many think this way. Take a look at the interstates that traverse each state. Florida has 75 and 95 north and south. Then 10 and 4 east and west. Could add US1, and Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach How many vehicles move on these roads each day.

Look at the distance between major cities. So even though you have beat the crowd, consider a mass migration.

Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach

Or maybe kill each other Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach in the process. They are now opening up both Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach of the Horny women in Portage, OH in one direction flow north and away from outer coastal areas, during many evacuations. No doubt, You better have your BugOut gear already packed and extra gas cans, so you can quick pack your vehicle and at least get out of FL without stopping for gas.

The earlier the jump on the traffic the better. Make sure you have a large paper Florida map with wsnt the back country roads. Major highways will be solid gridlock then as vehicles run out of gas it will be total blockage. No doubt tempers and frustration will cause many to start shooting and looting.

I am veteran in the hurricane field and each year I am amazed at the same stupid actions of some of the people who live in the hurricane prone area. We have been real sant for no storm has rode over top of my area of the state in many years Marrled the odds are not in our favor as the each hurricane season goes by. All it takes is one to turn your world upside down. Each storm warning I begin my routine and get ready.

My wife says as long as I prepare the storm will go away. I listen to the Pontooon and although the Hurricane Edition section of the newspaper is real good, many rebuy their preps each year at higher prices instead of storing them. Most do not have the money to purchase items in the first place.

Board your home up with half inch plywood and compare to the price of 10 years ago. Pre storm, during the Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach and after the storm. House was boarded up for 3 weeks strait, cause another was Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach the following weekend. The wind was like or more. I Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach up a door to take a photo of a tree lopsided, and womeb wind stole the door right out of my hand.

I could hardly close it. I did not do that again and hunkered down with a radio. It is a great book for starting preppers and a good review for any preppers. I could not put the book down, great read. Also met the guy, link: Im there right now, just picking up some extras, if we get wacked with even a tropical storm things will be Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach down for weeks.

Ready and able on Maui. Standard equipment in my E BO van since about the year Of course, Women want sex Dishman was the time in WV when I took a back road that was really just a Jeep trail….

Tore a running-board off, but got out OK. After my wife was killed, there was nothing left for me there. Lower40, your only hope ofescape from FL would be to recognize the signs early and leave early before other people get the same idea. Lower 40 — Yeah those areas down by Everglade City have been threatened with 20 Ft storm surges, like for Hurricane Wilma.

It ended up being like an 8ft surge. The storm surges are higher on the Gulf Coast because it is so shallow off the west Gulf coast.

And there is no room to absorb the surge impact so landmasses takes the hit. Just have your duck boat ready for Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach. Kayak, etc, Lie a line off the roof top. In NC I can say without a doubt that in an acute crisis event. The major artery roads will be clogged in a few minutes. I will be sitting tight to weather Ponoton first phase of the storm. How about Upper Michigan? Marquette is miles from Milwaukee, miles Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach Minneapolis, and miles sant Green Bay.

Lots of great bug out places there. That area is full of retired UAW goons, who will cut your throat for a dime when the opportunity offers. Lived in SE Michigan 15 years, Pintoon for one year. I looked the whole area over pretty carefully, and decided to go the other way when I retired. Growing season bites the bazooka. Why there are so few farmers on the YouPee. Colerain women s sexy way you could live there Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach to become a copper miner, if there were any market after TSHTF for copper ore.

Exactly what I was thinking. While still a theoretical, it is not without the realm of possibility. Something people should take into consideration in choosing that BOL is Beaach seismic potential threats of that area. Coincidentally, I was sitting on a wooden bench outside the local General Store in when the earth Wife want casual sex Gaithersburg violently from a 5. My location was about fifty miles east of the Blue Ridge Parkway, nearly miles from the Marriwd.

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If you read the details about what if the Naw Madrid falt blows it could rip right up to Lake Michigan and a massive flash flood down the entire Mississippi Valley killing Millions. So watch your elevation anywhere near the Miss River. This puts a whole new twist on things…. So the traitor in chief is allowing thousands of pedophiles into the country.

Whoever, without the purpose of reaching copulation, performs a sexual act in a person under 12 or in a person that has no capacity of understanding the meaning Wife dating the act or that for any reason cannot resist, or demands that the act is performed, will be punished with a term of 2 to 5 years in prison.

Perhaps, more disturbing is the 3rd clause of Articlewhich wajt. If any of the aforementioned acts is performed with physical or moral violence, the sentence is raised in up to a half. As evidence of this still-growing epidemic, children under the age of 15 accounted for Proof positive what happens to a country when people dont pay attention to what is happening to their laws.

PKL… Watch out for the thought Pobtoon if you mumble to yourself. Also if you talk in your. One Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach I had would talk in her sleep.

I would as her questions and she would answer me in her sleep. I would ask intimate questions and she would blab away. She was very honest and loyal to me.

I should have kept that one. Cause one day you piss them off andthey will turn on you. Like the lady who turned in her husband prepper who had a house arsenal of guns. So hide them and just tell her you sold them. WWTI, why did you not keep her??? I love her, and she loves me… She puts up with me, which is a chore….

And Potoon not ready toget married yet then. You know I got tired of her coming home bitching about how everybody at her work was out to get her, etc. Oh I have about a half dozen women out there I should have kept. I actually like my bachelorhood now, as I was Adult singles dating in Point of rocks, Maryland (MD). twice before and gave half my stuff away twice.

Ebola Obama and Euglena Obama, the half-sisters of Barrack, have been invited to come to America by their half-brother. They bring the joy of love, hope, and happiness with them that has been the hallmark of this administration. Please welcome them with open arms just like you open your homes, and wallets, to illegal immigrants.

Could Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach a lot worse. But the best place to be is a place where no one else thinks is the place to be. In keeping with the Saturday relocation tradition will say it again,will not move and am drawing a line in the sand,already moved a few times to escape insane local govt. I have family that may leave country,much older and just want last few years in peace,they know I will not bail as still full of piss Buffalo SC bi horney housewifes vinegar and would probably if they leave set behind some value for me to really dig in though pretty much already there!

Most people in rural east Tenn. Amen…seems alot Ponyoon folks have the idea theyll just grab a nea that suits them when TSHTF…many plan to buy it but Pontoin dont…definatly gonna be trouble if I find my farm settled by outsiders…I expect it from others protecting theirs too…folks oughta live prepared where they are instead of trying to live with each foot in a different world…2 cents REB.

I have some inside information on the Toledo, Ohio water crisis. I was told last year at this time that this would happen, not just in Toledo, but all over Ohio because of a highly toxic algae called euglena. Certain strains wantt euglena are responsible for turning water red like blood, and have been linked to cancer and other health issues. I know this because I have personally met with the government officials of a small city in Ohio that have an infected lake, from which they derive all of their drinking water.

Because I have a background working with certain beneficial biologicals that are used to clean up contaminated bodies Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach water, I met with the officials of the town to discuss a possible biological solution woen the problem.

In other words, the towns people are being slowly poisoned while the government officials hands are tied behind their backs by the bureaucrats of the EPA.

I was aMrried that there was a quiet epidemic of water contamination euglena in almost every major body of water in Ohio, including Lake Erie, and that eventually a major water crisis would erupt if the euglena problem was not taken care of. The only thing that the EPA would allow to be done in the case of this particular small city in Ohio, was to pour massive amounts of aluminum Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach the lake to bind with the euglena and pull it to the bottom into the sludge, where it is syphoned out by floating Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach.

Euglena is a demonic microorganism. If you aant it Beautiful housewives wants xxx dating Cincinnati Ohio it releases its toxins into the water before it dies. The only real solution is to introduce powerful beneficial biologicals to compete with it for the limited resources in the aquatic environment, and thereby force it to subside naturally.

I also wanted Kipling look me up go in that field— learn how. How did you get in that field? How did you learn about it— the techniques??!! Please tell womn how to get more information on this Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach This is not from me personally! They email this info to him, and he up-loads it to his site!

I knew I smelled a rat…. I also heard that the Quagga mussel was accidentally introduced and filtered the water, thus saving the lake. You might accidentally introduce them into the great lakes. They reproduce very quickly. Do I have your permission to repost your post to other sites? Its probably the Chinese ships that enter the Great Lakes to steal the fresh water they dump polluted water from their ship balasts and refill them back up with fresh water to haul Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach to China.

The question to ask is WHY the water is contaminated. I found a scientific paper that Brach Organic pollutants originate from domestic sewage raw or treatedor urban run off, industrial effluents and farm water. I bet both industrial and agricultural pollution is the main culprit. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, hog, chicken, and cattle waste has polluted 35, miles Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach rivers in 22 states and contaminated groundwater in 17 states.

There are about of these operations in Ohio [40 of them are hog farms]. Meanwhile, our state and federal governments are bribed by corporate money NOT to clean up the environment. Every on in your family of prepping group should have one for their own. Your place wants a extra 5. Renegade, Try to buy as many Sawyers as you can, as it will be one of the best barter items out there if all goes to hell.

Any earth quakes, floods, hurricanes, refuges on the Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach. Imagine what someone would give for just one Sawyer filter for his family. When there is I need to feel a woman Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach of pollution, the water will be filled with red algae, which chokes off life from other forms of life in the water… it basically kills the water, destroys Beah.

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There are places around the world where this is occurring usually ocean areas but China recently showed pictures of red water and wondered what had happened. Officials told them not to drink oPntoon. Lower40 Yeah that red tide kills manatees and fish. I also lived down in SWFL. Getting away from highly populated areas is Pontoln one of the main objectives to survival.

For people that live within Bexch Great Smokies, this is a nice location and the scenic value is tops. Just had a 6. I did not list this exact location with the forecast on commentJuly 30 at 8: So those predicted locations still stand to be dangerous for the next 2 weeks Beautiful couple searching online dating SD so.

Just had a precursor earthquake on the Mid Indian Ridge. On March 10, this exact Looking to Danbury downltr single nude girls Parnamirim location within a miles or so had an earthquake and the next day Japan and Fukushima had a 9. Not to say that this is going to happen again, but this point on the Indian Ridge leads to large earthquakes within 15 days afterwards 4 out of 5 times.

This shows about the same locations that the previous warning given. Soak a 1-foot length of regular cotton kite string or twine in the solution for 15 minutes. Hang each string with a clothespin for 5 days to be sure it is completely dry. Use a paperclip to dip each string completely in melted wax 3 to 4 times, coating it completely. Hang it up to dry as before… Store wicks rolled up in a newspaper.

First time posting but wanted to say that the algae in Lake Erie is a bright green. The mob was Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach Even in a rental can get one of those gallon bags that can be filled in a bathtub,only one tub would probably not be filled in time before this warning but in future with storms ect.

We have a good well and rain catchment on a few out buildings and a way to haul water if needed. Thanks for your concern. Woman who posted R. Kelly's bail says she's a 'good friend' Valencia Love says she is a 'good friend of posted Marrjed. Zookeeper taken to hospital after rhinoceros strikes her with horn The animal was on display as the Jacksonville Zoo investigated the incident. Amtrak train stranded in Oregon for over 24 hours.

Officer looking for baby he delivered 25 years ago: Parents allegedly slain by their son woemn hired a private investigator to find him Camden Nicholson, 27, was arrested on Feb.

Man caught with Trump mask planned home invasion: Police Michael Martel was arrested after leading police on a mph chase. Death toll at horse track rises to 19 as employees test soil Southern California has received more than Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach inches of rain in the past month. Man Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach of strangling childhood friend found guilty Prosecutors argued Liam McAtasney killed Sarah Stern for Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach money.

Rhinoceros strikes zookeeper with horn A Southern white male rhinoceros struck a zookeeper with his Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach Tuesday at the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida.

Would-be home Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach caught with Trump mask after police Marrie Officials Michael Martel Jr. Mom arrested with daughter after 5 relatives found dead said everyone 'wanted to die' The mother allegedly told police everyone in the apartment "wanted to die.

LinkedIn engineer killed by falling ice, Xxx swinger Casey in Yosemite National Park Xuan Wang's death occurred on a trail closed after hiker died in December.

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YouTube Kids video featuring suicide instructions removed wany parents complain A womeen with a man demonstrating cutting motions is spliced into the kids' video. Coyote treks across frozen lake Sexy teens Eugene Oregon footage follows a coyote's gorgeous journey across a vast frozen Lake Michigan.

Kelly out of jail. Suspected drunk driver hits, kills Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach in shopping cart The 1-year-old girl was in the baby seat Girl at hughson car show the shopping cart. Rescue underway for stranded Amtrak passengers The train had been stuck near the tiny town of Oakridge since Sunday evening.

Prosecutors Joseph Holt, who died inallegedly killed two young women in the s. Search for missing mom's remains begins in landfill The search of the landfill in Fountain, Colorado, could last several wwant.

Wind blows the roof off a building Dash cam video captures the moment the corrugated roof was Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach off a building as winds topped 65 mph in parts of New England.

Landfill could hold clues in missing Colorado mom search Colorado authorities will begin sifting through a landfill Tuesday for Kelsey Berreth's remains and other possible evidence in the Ponyoon mom's case, Pandas have fun in the snow.

Retired firefighter killed helping another driver Wesley Weysham Jr. Great Dane gives birth to 19 puppies Cleo gave birth to 19 puppies when on average Great Danes only deliver Man plans to live out 'golden' age at Holiday Inn instead of retirement home. Amtrak train with passengers stranded in Oregon Married women want nsa Pontoon Beach Sunday The train has been stuck near the tiny town of Oakridge since Sunday evening.

Atmospheric river delivering heavy rain, snow to West Marreid Flash flooding and mudslides will be a threat out West. Inside the human trafficking that allegedly happens in massage parlor brothels A Would like a dinner date investigation in Florida may lead to hundreds of arrests.

Uncovering rampant sexual harassment in housing systems Nas Sellers took her case to court -- and dozens of women came forward.