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Need to get off this week

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The top of this story has been updated to reflect a recent CareerBuilder study about the most common excuses offered for missing work.

In true Hollywood movie style, Ferris Bueller went to great lengths to schedule his own day off. But do you have the guile and skills to take a duvet day without getting caught?

Pulling a sickie, taking a mental health day or wrek finagling a day away from your desk has become quite an art form for some ingenious employees. The survey, released 23 October, polled more than 3, workers and more than 2, hiring managers and HR professionals.

But, what was most telling was the over-the-top excuses employees gave for calling in sick. Earlier this year, we went to question and answer site Quora to find some of the best excuses for taking a day off. There are two similarly-named hotels in downtown San Francisco: And my boss, who wasn't exactly detail-oriented, had mixed them up a few times when talking about the event. Zelonka hatched her plan. Tet

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They totally bought it! An anonymous contributor added: If your boss does his research he can easily catch on. Some Quora readers advocate honesty geg the best policy.

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Just say you need a day or took a day for personal reasons. Even if it's for an interview gett a mental health day.

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I should be back tomorrow. Can you top these excuses? To help ensure legitimacy and quality, Quora asks some individuals, such as doctors and lawyers, to confirm their expertise.

Quora Column Workplace Managing The best excuses for missing work. By Angela Henshall 13 April Nevertheless, here are some of the very best excuses for a sick day, from Quora readers.